M1450B CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine



Main Specifications
Description  unit MK1450B
Max. dia. to be ground (mm) 500/200
Max. length to be guound (mm) 1500、2000、3000、4000
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 1000
Wheelsize(O.D. xWxl. 'D) mm) Φ500*75*Φ305
Wheel spindle rotation speed ((r/mm) 1338
Center height (mm) 270
Max. worktable traverse (min) 1500、2000、3000、4000
Max. worktable travel speed (m/min) 10
Wheel peripheral speed ( m/s) 35
Tailstock center   6#
The X axis minimum pulse equivalent (mm) 0.001
The Z axis minmum pulse equivalent (mm) 0.001
Coolant flow


Total motor power


Machine weight(net weight) (kg) 8600、9900、11350、13100
Overalldimensions (LxWxH) mm







Main Acessoriess
Coolant equipment 1set Wheel periphery dresser 1set
Wheel hub 2sets Wheel balancing-mandrel 1set
Leveling wedge (length to be ground)



Internal grinding attachment 1set





Extra Acctcessos
Wheel Balancing stand 1set Magnetic separator 1set
Radius dresser 1set Closeype steady-restnt 2set
Wheel endface dresser 1set Open-type steady-estlngth to be ground)







Working Accuracy
Roundness 2.5μm Surface roughness  0.32/0.63μm
Dia.uniformity in the longitudinal. Section 8μm    


• M1450B CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine designed for grinding cylindrical or taper surface of  rotationl parts. It is highly adaptable for single and small batch production.


• The table traverse is actuated by hydraulic means at infinitely variable speed or operated by hand.


•The grinding wheel spindle is supported by three tilting segmented shoes.


• The system uses double channel control path,enabl tilting ingsimultaneous.


• The system uses double channel control path,enabl  ingsimultaneous.


• Grinding products and robotic hangling products,improveprouduct cycetimes.

Product Brochure

Please download the product manual for more product details.

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