M1332B MC1332B cylindrical grinding machine




Main Specifications
Grinding lengthmm1000/1 500/2000/30002000/3000
Grinding diametermmф8-ф320ф8-ф320
Center heightmm150500
Max . workpiece weightmm0.1 ~40.1 ~4
Worktable speedkg3838
Wheel peripheral velocitymm1100/1600/2100/31002100/3100
Max.travel of worktablemm-3-+7*/-3+6*-2~+5*/-2~+3*/-2~+5*/-2~ +3*
Swivel range of worktablemmф600x 75xф305ф600x 75xф305
External wheel sizemm500                              800500                              800
Spindle speed of workheadmm

Max.φ400x 50xφ203


Max.φ400x50x φ203

Min.φ280x50x φ203

Grinding spindle speedm/s11001100
Headstock topmmNO.5NO.5
Tailstock topr/minNO.4/NO.4/NO.5/NO.5NO.5
Rapid advance and withdrawalamountmm5050
Wheelhead displacement per revkw2/0.52/0.5
Wheelhead displacement per divmm0.01/0.00250.01/0.0025
Total motor powerkg14.2714.27
Overall dimensions(LxWxH)kg(3605/4605/5605/7605)*1810x1515(5605/7605)x1810x1515
Machine weightkg4000/4600/6600/86006600/8600


Main Acessoriess
Complete set of electric epuipmen1setComplete set of coolant epuipment 1set
Wheel peripheral dresser1setWhelfanges2sets
Wheelbila balancing mandrel1setOpen trpe steady rest

1000x1  1500x2

2000x3  3000x3

Leveling wedge








Extra Acctcessos
Wheel Balancing stand1setEnd-face dresser1set





Working Accuracy

≤1500 1.5μm

>1500 2.5μm

-Surface wavIness1μm
Unifrmity of dia. in longitudinal section

≤750 5μm

>750 8μm

Surface roughness Ra 0.16μm





• M1332B cylindrical grinding machine is designed basis of M1332A cylindrical grinding machine. It is suitable for grinding cylindrical or conical parts, for its accuracy IT6-IT5.


• Worktable longitudinal travel driven by hydraulic at infinitely-variable-speed,or driven by handwheel. Lubrication for hole throttle unloading form.


•Wheelhead cross travel provided with hydraulic rapid advance and withdrawal, manual microfeed. And feed grinding wheel automatic cycle function.


• Workpiece, wheel, oil pump and coolant pump respectively driven by their individual motor.


• Two sets of silding bearing consisting of four-shoes used as wheel spindle bearings. The spindle bold, increased motor,high grinding efficiency.


• Wheel dresser mounted on the tailstock, and hydraulic tailstock top bavk device.


• The machine with the moving parts of electrical, hydraulic chain, safe and reliable operation.


• MC1332B Series table moves using hydrostatic guideway.

Product Brochure

Please download the product manual for more product details.

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