MKC1332B CNC cylindrical grinding machine



Main Specifications
Description  unit

MK1332Bx 500/1000/1500/2000/3000

MKE1332Bx 500/1000/1500/2000/3000

Dia to be ground (mm) φ8~φ320
Max.length to be guound (mm) 500、1000、1500、2000、3000
Center height (mm) 180
Distance between centers (mm) 500、1000、1500、2000、3000
Headstock center   5#  5#  5#  5#  5#
Tailstock center     5#
Max.workpiece weight to be ground (mm) 500
Wheel size (m/s) φ600x75xφ305
Wheel peripheral speed ( mm) 38 (动静压主轴45m/s )
Wheel spindle rotation speed (r/min) 1210/1433
Min.pulse amount in X-axis (mm) 0.001
Min.pulse amount in Z-axis (mm) 0.001
Total motor power (kw) 21.475、21.475、21.475、30.075、33.075
Longitudinal servo motor (kw) 4.7(23Nm)、4.7(23Nm)、4.7(23Nm)、4.7(23Nm)、4.7(23Nm)
Traverse servo motor (kw) 3.9(15Nm)、3.9(15Nm)、3.9(15Nm)、4.7(23Nm)、5.5(27Nm)、


Main Acessoriess
Wheel perighery dresser 1set wheel extractor 1set
Wheel hub 2sets Magnetic separator 1set
Balancing arbor 1set Diameter measuring instrument 1set





Extra Acctcessos
Wheel Balancing stand 1set Surface measuring instument 1set
Hybrid wheel spindle 1set Open-type steady-rest 1set





Working Accuracy
Roundness 1.5μm Surface roughness  Ra0.32μm
Dia.uniformity in the longitudinal. Section 5μm    

• The CNC cylindrical grinder is suitable for batch production ofcylindrical parts grinding with high performance-to- price ratio.


• The electrical system is controlled by HNC-180GCE and the executive system is driven by the CNC servo driver and servo motor.Worktable longitudinal travel and wheelhead cross traverse which with the high infeed accuracy are realized by the servo motors via the ball screw transmission. With the touch screen and human- machine interface, the machine is easy to operate. With other systems and configured online automatic measuring instrument can also be based on user needs.


•The machine is simple and easy to operate. After simple training, it can be operated easily. By setting the parameter of longitudinal grinding or plunge grinding via the touch screen, an auto-grinding for the different workpiece is realized. With the function of worktable trip-stop, the machine can grind more than one journals of one workpiece automatically. The process parameter of more than one journals can be set discretionary for long grinding of plunge grinding.


• With the function of whee Idressing and compensation automatically.


• Wheelhead spindle is supported by three bushing hydro-dynamic bearing, and high precision hydro dynamic-static bearing is also available for the user.


• Timing provision of lubrication for machine moving parts according to program designing. Automatic lubrication of all moving parts. Tailstock has two ways:hydraulic and manual.

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