MA1320Huniversal cylindrical grinding machine



Main Specifications
Description unitM1320H/Fx 500/800
Grinding diameterwith steady-rest min/maxmm8/60
 without steady-rest min/maxmm8/200
 I.D.with steady-rest min/maxmm 
 without steady-rest min/maxmm weight kg50
Max.grinding lengthO.D.mm500/750 
Center height mm135
Distance between centers mm500                             750
Wheel dimensions(O.D.xWxI.D) mm

Max.φ400x50x φ203

Min.φ280x50x φ203

Peripheral speed of grinding wheel m/s38
Wheel size for int. Grinding attachment mm 
Wheelhead spindle speed r/min1670
Wheelhead rapid advance &wighdrawal mm50
Total motor power kw5.43
Overall dimnsions(LxWxH) mm2500x 1800x 1650    3000x 1 800x 1650
Machine weight kg2040                              3540


Main Acessoriess
cylindrical dresser1setWheel balancing arbor1set
Wheel balancing disc1setInt.grinding attachment_ MA1420/H1set
Complete set of electric epuipment1setMeasuring bridge-plate


Complete set of coolant equipment


Wheel balancing disc1set
Wheel peripheral dresser


Open type steady rest1set
Wheel hub2setsLeceling wedge_ 500mm 9(sets) 750mm11sets





Extra Acctcessos
Wheel Balancing stand1setcenter rest close type1set
Radirs Dresser1setExtension bar1set





Working Accuracy


UnlformWof longitudinal section5μm
Surface roughness


o.D.roundness by chuck2.5μm


I.D.Surface roughnessRa0.63μm





• This machine is a major grinder professional advantages of manufacturing units in the the M130H, M1420H type cylindrical grinder on the basis of draw to improve improve Heavy Duty Grinder, with high cutting precision, high rigidity and high efficiency. Suitable for grinding cylindrical and conical workpiece.


• The workpiece of machine ,cylindrical grinding wheel, the inner circle of the grinding wheel, oil pump and cooling pump by an independent motor drive.


•The longitudinal movement of the machine table by the hydraulic continuously variable transmission can also be hand-wheel drive, table lubrication Orifice Compensated unloading  form.


• Grinding wheel frame transverse feeding fine tuning can be made by the hydraulic feed and fast and automatic cycle, two feed hand wheel is also available to achieve the thickness.


• Grinding wheel rack main shaft diameters, motor power increase, grinding wheel rack oil pool temperature rise is small, high grinding rate.


• Machine moving parts with electrical, hydraulic and





Product Brochure

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