M1350B cylindrical grinding machine



Main Specifications
Max. dia. to be groundmm500
Max. length to be guoundmm1500,2000,3000,4000
Max. workpiece weightkg1000
Wheelsize (O.D. xWxI. _D)mmΦ750x75xΦ305
Wheel spindle rotation speedr/min870
Center heightmm270
Max. worktable traversemm1500.2000.3000.4000
Max. worktable travel speedm/min3
Wheel peripheral speedm/s38
Wheelhead rapid approach and withdrawal travelmm100
Automatic intermittent infeed (coarse/fine)mm0.02/0.0025
Manual microfeed (coarse/fine)mm0.02/0.0025
Hydraulic pump displacementL/min17.3
Hydrauic pump pressureMpa6.3
Coolant flowL/min50
Total motor power kw20.63
Machine weight(net weight)kg8400,9700,11200.12800
Over alldimensions (LxWxH))mm






Main Acessoriess
Coolant equipment1setWheel periphery dresser1set
Wheel hub2setsWheel balancing- mandrel1set
Leveling wedge (length to be ground)



Internal grinding attachment


Open- type steady-rest(length to be ground)

(1 500/2000/3000mm)







Extra Acctcessos
Wheel Balancing stand1setMagnetic separator1set
Radius dresser1setclose-ype steady-restnt2sets
Wheel endface dresser1set  





Working Accuracy


Surface roughness0.32/0.63μm
Dia.uniformity in the longitudinal. Section







• M1350B cylindrical grinding  machine is designed for grinding cylindrical or taper surface of rotational parts. It is highly adaptable for single and small batch production.


• The table traverse is actuated by hydraulic means at infinitely  variable speed or operated by hand.


•Auto intermittent micro-infeed and rapid approach , witherawal of the wheelhead can be effected hydraulically , while rough-fine-feed realized by handwheel. 


• Worktable guideways are hydrostatically lubricated.


• The grinding wheel spindle is supported by three tilting segmented shoes.


• Workpiece, wheel, hydraulic pump, coolant pump are driven separately by individual motors.


• Each motion part of machine is controlled by electric,  hydraulic, mechanical interlocking mechanism, thus the machine can be operated easily and safety. .



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