Main Specifications
Cylindrical grinding  
Grinding diameter Φ8-Φ320
Grinding length 1000
Maximum weight of workpiece between centers 150kg
Center high 180
Maximum swing diameter Φ350
Internal hole grinding  
Grinding diameter Φ30-Φ200
Grinding length 200
Maximum weight of workpiece 100㎏ (with center frame)



Working Accuracy


Surface roughness ≤Ra0.32μm





Internal hole test grinding accuracy


Surface roughness ≤Ra0.8μm







• The machine tool bed is integrally cast with precision cast iron HT300 (Hangji Casting), the casting surface is smooth and smooth, the machine tool has good rigidity and reasonable structure.


• The X-axis guide adopts Taiwan Silver Heavy-Duty Roller Linear Guide, which has smooth movement and accurate micro-feed, thus improving the grinding performance.


• The cylindrical grinding wheel spindle system adopts the dynamic and static pressure spindle system developed by our company. It has extremely high rigidity, and has a pressure monitoring bearing oil chamber pressure. The pressure monitoring switch controls the spindle to start. The spindle system is also equipped with a spindle oil temperature control device to ensure the accuracy and stability of the spindle operation. A dynamic balancer can also be selected on the grinding wheel frame to better ensure the machining accuracy.


• The movement of the grinding wheel frame and the working table are driven by AC servo motors. The numerical control system is used to effectively eliminate the oil gap of the screw and the gap generated after wear. The precision ball screw and bearings are used to ensure the feeding accuracy.


• The machine is equipped with Dongjing precision outer circle measuring instrument, inner hole measuring instrument and end surface measuring instrument, and the processing size is controlled by closed loop to ensure the processing quality of the product. The movement of the measuring head of the measuring instrument adopts hydraulic or pneumatic control, which is precise and precise.


• The machine tool adopts a fully enclosed protective cover. The color of the protective cover is white, orange and gray, and the appearance is reasonable. The internal moving parts of the machine tool are also effectively protected to prevent the entry of grinding fluid and abrasive particles. The oil mist collector is still configured to better protect operators and machine tools.


• The head frame is a high-precision head frame. The structure is strong and stable, and the precision is stable, which can better meet the requirements of parts processing accuracy. The head frame is also equipped with a set of permanent suction cups, which can be used to grind thin parts.


• The tailstock is a high-precision tailstock, the tailstock sleeve is supported by NSK dense ball bearings, and the jacking force can be adjusted.


• The MK-F32 CNC compound grinding machine is processed by emulsion cooling. The cooling system is equipped with a magnetic separator and a paper belt filter. The water tank capacity is 200L.


• The machine tool adopts Taiwan's new generation 21TA CNC system, and is equipped with a suspended manual pulse device. With network interface, large-screen color LCD display, the operator can set the grinding process parameters through the display screen in the manner of man-machine interface to achieve automatic grinding cycle.


• The servo motor uses an absolute encoder.


• It is equipped with PLC program list, numerical control system parameters and necessary software support.


• The electrical cabinet is equipped with air conditioning.


• The CNC operating system of the machine tool is installed on the front right of the machine tool and can be operated, with a three-color indicator light.


• The machine tool uses an independent spindle hydraulic station to supply oil for the dynamic and static pressure spindles, as well as an independent hydraulic station to supply oil to the gauge oil cylinder and for the lubrication of plastic guide rails. And equipped with automatic lubrication pump for the lubrication of screw and linear guide.




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