MK8320H MK8332B CNC camshaft grinding machine




Main Specifications
Description unit MK8320Hx500 MK8332Bx1000
Dia to be ground mm Φ8~Φ200 Φ8~Φ320
Max.length to be guound mm 500 1000
Center height mm 135 180
Distance between centers mm 500 1000
Headstock center 莫氏 4# 5#
Tailstock center 莫氏 4# 4#
Max.workpiece weight to be ground kg 50 150
Wheel size  mm Φ400x 50xΦ203 Φ600x 75xΦ305
Wheel peripheral speed m/s 45 45
Wheel spindle rotation speed r/mim 2150 1433
Min.pulse amount in X-axis mm 0.001 0.001
Min.pulse amount in Z-axis mm 0.001 0.001
Total motor power kw 10.825 21.475
Longitudinal servo motor kw 1.6(6Nm) 3.3(1 6Nm)
Traverse servo motor kw 1.6(6Nm) 3.3(1 6Nm)


Main Acessoriess
Wheel perighery dresser 1set wheel extractor 1set
Wheel hub 2sets Magnetic separator 1set
Balancing arbor 1set    





Extra Acctcessos
Wheel Balancing stand 1set Diameter measuring instrument 1set
Open-type steady-rest 1set    





Working Accuracy
Roundness 1.5μm Surface roughness  Ra0.32um
. Dia.uniformity in the longitudinal. Section 5μm    





• The machine can be processed,a screw CAM and other special-shaped parts with high efficiency, good accuracy, simple operation, high cost, enabling one person to operate more than one. 


• Using Siemens 828D nc system.


•Wheel frame using high-speed hybrid spindle assembly,with high rotation precision,rigidity and other characteristics.


• Using proprietary CNC grinding cams software.


• Configure a separate electrical box,tank and filtration tank.


• Wheel motor adopts AC frequency adjustment device,that can basically achieve constant linear speed grinding.


Product Brochure

Please download the product manual for more product details.

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