MGK1320H,1620H,1332B,1632B high precision CNC (end face) cylindrical grinding machines



Main Specifications
Description  unit MGK1320Hx500/750 MGK1 620Hx500/750 MGK1332Bx 1000/1500 MGK1632Bx1000/1500
Max Grinding Dia mm Φ200 Φ200 Φ320 Φ320
Max Gringind Lengh mm 500/750 500/750 1000/1500  1000/1500
Max Workpiece Weigh kg 50 50 150 150
Center Height mm 135 135 180 180
Wheel Size mm Φ400x 50xΦ203 Φ500x 50xΦ203 Φ600x 75xΦ305 Φ600x 75xΦ305
Conversion Motor Power KW 4 5.5 11 11
Wheel Peripheral Velocity (m/s) 45m/s 45m/s 45m/s 45m/s
Wheelhead Infeed Speed mm/min 0.01 ~2000 0.01 ~2000 0.01 ~2000 0.01 ~2000
Worktable Move Speed mm/min 0.1~4000 0.1~4000 0.1~4000 0.1~4000
X-axis Resolution mm 0.0001 0.0001 0.0001 0.0001
Z- axis Resolution  mm 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001
Workhead Frequency Conversion Roation Speed rpm 15~600 15~600 15~600 15~600
Workhead Spindle Taper Hole


4# 4# 5#、4# 5#、4#



Working Accuracy
Roundness <1.0 μm Surface roughness (outer circle) Ra0.05 μm
Straightness (<0.001/250mm) Surface roughness (end face) Ra0.2 μm

• MGK series CNC cylindrical (Endface) grinding machine is suitable for the grinding of the outer circle, end face and conical surface of shaft parts. For shafts with multiple steps, the length of outer circle and shaft shoulder can be completed in one clamping, reducing clamping and high production efficiency.


• The grinding diameter and length dimension accuracy of parts are controlled by Marposs measuring instrument. Control accuracy is土0.001,high accuracy and stable size.

•The CNC system of the machine adopts German SIEMENS 828 or FANUC-0i-TF (Endface)grinder special CNC system, which is easy to program and operate. And provide a quick programming operation textbook.


• This series machine is a high-precision CNC ylindrical (Endface)grinder.Grinding workpiece accuracy can reach three less than 1um That is: roundness, straightness, and verticality can all less than 1um


• Grinding wheelstock adopts ultra-high precision static and dynamic pressure bearing , and equipped with a machine of constant temperature and pressure oil cooling . The grinding accuracy is high, and the grinding vibration and helix will not be produced due to the bearing factors. Surface roughness can reach up to Ra0.01 (the bearing warranty period is 5 years and lifetime warranty)


• This series of machine use a movable headstock, which can directly drive the workpiece. Grind the left and right sizes in one clamping.

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