What inspection should be done before using the CNC cylindrical grinder?


The common feature of CNC grinding machines is that the […]

The common feature of CNC grinding machines is that the cutting force is relatively small, so it is necessary to improve the grinding force of the tool and make regular inspections of the CNC grinding machine. At the same time, it is very important to understand the maintenance process of CNC cylindrical grinder for improving the efficiency of CNC cylindrical grinding machine and realizing high-speed grinding and high-efficiency grinding.

First of all, the spindle of the grinding wheel frame of the CNC cylindrical grinder should be checked, and the clearance of the bearing bush should be adjusted to ensure that there will be no data errors when the machine is in use.

Secondly, check the main shaft and replace the oil on the main shaft of the grinding wheel frame. If the main engine oil is not replaced in time under the condition of long-term operation, it will affect the operation of the equipment and cause huge energy loss and failure of the equipment. The system hydraulic oil of the CNC cylindrical grinder should also be replaced regularly, and the use of lubricating oil should be checked. If there is a gap, it should be replenished in time to avoid oil leakage. The guide rails of the workbench should also be inspected regularly. If there is any problem, it should be repaired in time, and the corresponding technology should be used for maintenance to ensure that the operation function of the equipment is not damaged.