What are the respective functions of the electric box, water tank and filter box in the CNC crankshaft grinding machine?


The respective functions of the electric box, water tan […]

The respective functions of the electric box, water tank and filter box in the CNC crankshaft grinding machine are as follows:
The electrical box is the electrical control and power distribution center of CNC machine tools. It is responsible for receiving AC power from the external power grid, and converting the external power into DC or stable DC power suitable for CNC machine tools through internal electrical equipment such as transformers, rectifiers, and voltage regulators. AC power. This feature ensures that the machine tool's electrical system can operate efficiently with a stable and reliable power supply. In addition to the power conversion function, the electrical box also undertakes multiple electrical protection tasks. During the operation of the machine tool, electrical faults such as power overload, overvoltage, undervoltage and short circuit may cause damage to the machine tool and even cause safety accidents. Therefore, the electrical box is equipped with a series of protection devices, such as circuit breakers, fuses, voltage monitors, etc., to achieve comprehensive protection of the machine tool electrical system. When the machine tool electrical system is overloaded, the circuit breaker or fuse in the electrical box will automatically disconnect the power supply to prevent electrical components from being damaged due to overload. At the same time, the voltage monitor will monitor the power supply voltage in real time. Once overvoltage or undervoltage occurs, protection measures will be triggered immediately to ensure that the machine tool operates within a safe voltage range. In addition, the electrical box also has short circuit protection function. When a short circuit occurs in the machine tool circuit, the protection device in the electrical box will quickly cut off the power supply to prevent fire or equipment damage caused by the short circuit.
The water tank is an important part of the machine tool cooling system. Its main function is to ensure that the machine tool can effectively dissipate heat during the machining process, thereby maintaining a stable operating state. During high-speed cutting, grinding and other processing processes, machine tools will generate a large amount of heat due to friction and energy conversion. If this heat cannot be taken away in time, it will cause thermal deformation of machine tool components, thereby affecting the machining accuracy and the life of the machine tool. The design of the water tank takes full consideration of the working characteristics and cooling needs of the machine tool. It not only has enough volume to store cooling water, but is also equipped with a circulation system so that the cooling water can continuously flow to the processing area of the machine tool, absorbing and taking away the generated heat in a timely manner. This continuous circulation cooling method ensures that the machine tool can maintain a stable temperature when working for a long time and avoid performance degradation or damage caused by overheating. When selecting the volume of the water tank, the machining time of the machine tool spindle is usually considered. In order to ensure that the machine tool has sufficient cooling water supply during continuous operation, the volume of the water tank is usually set to 2-3 times the processing time of the machine tool spindle. This design not only meets the cooling needs of the machine tool during long-term operation, but also provides sufficient cooling water reserves for sudden high-load processing.
The main function of the filter box is to process and purify various debris and dust generated during processing. These wastes may not only cause damage to machine tools and machined parts, but may also affect processing quality and the life of machine tools. Therefore, the presence of a filter box is crucial. The interior of the filter box is usually designed with multiple layers of filters with different pore sizes and materials, which can effectively intercept and absorb metal debris, dust and other impurities in wastewater. When the processing wastewater flows through the filter box, the filter screen will exert its filtering effect, allowing only clean water molecules to pass through and intercepting various solid impurities. This filtration process not only ensures the cleanliness of the water and provides a reliable source of cooling and lubricating water for subsequent processing, but also protects machine tools and processed parts from impurities. A clean water source can effectively reduce the risk of wear and corrosion of machine tools, improve processing accuracy and service life of machine tools.
To sum up, the electric box, water tank and filter box each play an important role in the CNC crankshaft grinding machine, jointly ensuring the efficient, stable and environmentally friendly operation of the machine tool.