What are the differences between cylindrical grinders and universal grinders?


Cylindrical grinders are mainly used to process defects […]

Cylindrical grinders are mainly used to process defects on the outer surface of the workpiece, improve the external smoothness of the workpiece, and improve the final forming quality of the workpiece. The application of this equipment in industrial production is very common, and it is used by many manufacturers as a processing tool for workpieces. We can find that the equipment has a variety of product models, many of which are expensive universal grinders. Cylindrical grinder is one of the more commonly used grinders. It has its own characteristics and scope of application like internal grinders. It has many different equipment models like other grinders. We must be able to understand this grinder clearly and correctly, and understand the operation method and principle of the grinder from many aspects. First of all, there are so many types of cylindrical grinders, what are the differences between them?

Cylindrical grinders are divided into various types of grinders, including ordinary cylindrical grinders; CNC cylindrical grinders; universal cylindrical grinders, etc. There is a big difference between an ordinary cylindrical grinder and a universal grinder. An ordinary grinder can only process one material and perform several simple processes, while a universal cylindrical grinder can process a variety of materials at the same time. The processing method improves the processing range of the equipment.

In addition to the difference in processing types and processing ranges of grinders, we must also be able to understand the main operating precautions of the equipment and improve the efficiency of the equipment.
1. Before starting the cylindrical grinder, the operator must check to see if there are any problems with the grinding wheel and safety protection devices of the equipment. If there are any problems, they should be solved. Before the official start, the empty car must be run to check whether the rotating parts and other systems are normal.
2. The grinding wheel of the cylindrical grinder should be used correctly. If the grinding wheel is damaged, the equipment will not be able to be used normally. When the equipment is running, the operator should stand in a relatively safe position to prevent accidents. If the workpiece is to be loaded and unloaded, the equipment should be shut down before proceeding.