What are the characteristics of each part of the CNC cylindrical grinder?


1. Bed and workbench The machine bed of the CNC cylindr […]

1. Bed and workbench
The machine bed of the CNC cylindrical grinder adopts large round holes and shark fin-shaped ribs. After long-term use, the dynamic and static stiffness of the machine tool are good. The upper and lower table surfaces of the worktable can grind the conical surface. The guide rails of the bed and the worktable adopt plastic guide rails, and the friction coefficient is small. The worktable is directly driven by the servo motor to move the ball screw, and the movement is stable and reliable.

2. Grinding wheel frame
The linear speed of the grinding wheel is less than 35m/s, and the grinding efficiency is high. The grinding head bearing is a large angle three-piece dynamic pressure bearing with high rotation accuracy. The movement of the grinding wheel frame (X direction) is directly dragged by the servo motor and the ball screw, and the minimum resolution is 0.0005mm.

3. Head frame
The rotation of the head frame dial is driven by the motor frequency conversion speed regulation to drive the pulley, the dial rotates, and the dial speed is 40-500r/min stepless variable speed to adapt to the grinding of workpieces with different diameters, different materials and different requirements.

4. CNC box and electric cabinet
There is an independent CNC operation box with LCD display, machine tool operation buttons, 1um-level band compensation switch, hand-operated pulse generator, etc.

5. End face gauge and radial gauge
When the CNC cylindrical grinder has a radial measuring instrument, the measured value is automatically input into the numerical control system, and the numerical control system sends a signal to make the X-direction servo motor rotate, and drive the ball screw to reach the given position, so that the size of the grinding workpiece can stably meet the requirements. Position, batch grinding workpiece size dispersion is less than 0.003mm.