How to solve the problem of cylindrical grinding machine failure?


There are many types of modern grinders, and users can […]

There are many types of modern grinders, and users can choose the equipment according to the products they need to produce, and help them choose the right equipment. Different grinder equipment can provide different functions. In order to improve the efficiency of the equipment, we have to operate in different categories to maximize the efficiency of the equipment. Cylindrical grinders can be divided into ordinary cylindrical grinders and universal cylindrical grinders. Universal cylindrical grinders are composed of an external hardware system and an external software system, which can help users improve the operating efficiency of the equipment. The user must be able to master the maintenance methods of the equipment while using this equipment, especially the maintenance methods of the internal learning system of the equipment.

If the operator wants to master the maintenance method of the equipment, he must first understand the composition of the equipment. The universal cylindrical grinder is composed of hardware and software separately. The external hardware maintenance is usually not too difficult, and the difficulty lies in the software maintenance. Operators must be able to understand the methods of software maintenance and improve the methods of software maintenance. Software maintenance needs to pay attention to many aspects. The software needs to be removed when the equipment is routinely overhauled to prevent the software equipment from being affected.

There are also many types of software problems, and only when the operator has mastered the cause of each problem can he prescribe the right medicine and solve the root of the problem.

1. The processing sequence programming error of the universal cylindrical grinder will also cause the software system to malfunction and cause the equipment to fail to operate normally. This type of fault usually has an alarm in use. Once an alarm is discovered during use, the operator should immediately turn off the equipment and carry out emergency repairs. The operator can correct the defects in the software system based on the warning message.
2. If the data and parameter information of the grinder are not adjusted well, it will cause software problems, and sometimes the software system will not work well due to electromagnetic interference, misoperation and other reasons. After operating the grinder for a period of time, the operator can mobilize some data as required and correct the corresponding data to solve the problem.
3. The operator's failure to use it accurately during the operation will also cause the use of the cylindrical grinder to malfunction and cause certain software problems. This kind of trouble usually occurs to some novices who have just come into contact with cylindrical grinding machines, and need experienced people to carry out precise monitoring to reduce the chance of equipment failure.