How to improve the stability of CNC cylindrical grinder?


CNC cylindrical grinder is a common machine tool in mod […]

CNC cylindrical grinder is a common machine tool in modern industry that uses abrasive tools to grind workpieces. There are many types of grinders, such as super finishing machines, belt grinders, grinders and polishing machines. CNC grinding machines include CNC surface grinders, CNC centerless grinders, CNC coordinate grinders, CNC forming grinders and so on. Grinding machine tools have become an indispensable processing equipment in modern industry. We must pay attention to maintaining it when we use it. Although the accuracy of this device is already high, there is still room for improvement. Down

First of all, we can start from the components of the CNC cylindrical grinder. This grinder is composed of three components: the grinding workpiece support, the adjustment wheel and the grinding wheel. We can improve the stability and accuracy of the equipment by improving these three accessories. There are many ways to cooperate with these three components, but their basic principles are actually the same. If these three accessories can be used in a reasonable manner, the accuracy of the CNC grinder can be improved.

If you want to improve the stability and accuracy of the CNC cylindrical grinder, you can improve the performance of the three main equipment of the grinder. First of all, we have to make a scale at the connection of each part, and then split the foundation. All the parts and bolts of each part are placed according to the classification to avoid confusion and loss. The main working pressure of the grinder is on the part of the grinding wheel shaft, and we need to set the parameters of this part. Usually the outer diameter of the grinding wheel shaft should be maintained at the value of 75MM. If this value is not reached, this part cannot be put into production. The grinding wheel shaft can be easily rotated by hand, if the equipment is too tight, we can manually adjust it.

We can also use lubrication to help equipment improve stability and accuracy. Regularly check the oil, if there are signs of damage, use tools to adjust. The machine should be lubricated to a certain extent to improve the stable performance of the equipment. At the same time, remember to tighten the screws of each part of the device to prevent accidents during use of the device.