How does the cylindrical grinder adjust the grinding wheel?


1. Select the most suitable dressing depth to dress the […]

1. Select the most suitable dressing depth to dress the grinding wheel. Choosing a dressing depth that is too large will result in high cutting temperatures, reduce dresser life, and remove useful layers of the grinding wheel.

2. Proper use of coolant can speed up the dressing speed and improve the dressing efficiency. As a rule of thumb, choosing a 3/8 inch diameter coolant will remove a lot of heat from the dresser and extend the life of the dresser.

3. In grinding wheel dressing, it is very important to effectively reduce vibration and avoid leaving dressing marks, collision and damage to dressing tools on the grinding wheel surface. This means that the grinding wheel must also be balanced, which is determined by the structural characteristics of the grinding wheel itself. Uneven density and the geometry of the entire grinding wheel will affect the inherent balance of a grinding wheel. Therefore, it is also very important to choose a high-quality grinding wheel.