Failure Analysis and Repair of Cylindrical Grinding Machine


1. Failure analysis Cylindrical grinder machine is a ki […]

1. Failure analysis
Cylindrical grinder machine is a kind of metal cutting equipment, it has many advantages, such as high production efficiency, good equipment performance, mass production, etc., but it is inevitable that some failures will occur during use. Next, we will analyze the causes of some failures caused by the cylindrical grinder.

There are two reasons for the grinding failure of the main bearing of the grinding wheel frame: one is that the main oil path of the bearing oil cavity is blocked, and the other is that the lubricating oil delivery path is blocked. These two reasons will have a direct impact on the amount of lubricating oil and the oil pressure in the bearing oil cavity, resulting in insufficient lubricating oil or insufficient oil pressure, which will cause the spindle of the grinding wheel holder to die when it is started.

The oil feeder of the cylindrical grinder has several layers of oil filters, and the oil filter that is most often clogged is the fine filter. When the fine filter is clogged or the filter element is melted, the oil pressure for oil delivery will drop, and the amount of oil delivered will be insufficient. Once the oil pressure is too low, the starting electrical interlocking system of the main shaft will fail, causing the hydrostatic shaft to grind to death.

The blockage of the oil circuit of the bearing oil cavity is mainly caused by the gap in the membrane feedback throttle valve. When the gap is severely blocked, the amount of oil entering the oil cavity will be significantly reduced, and the oil pressure will drop, causing the spindle's bearings to not work well. If the grinding spindle is started at this time, it will cause the grinding dead of the hydrostatic shaft.

2. Fault repair
According to the above-mentioned grinding failure, we repaired it after analysis, disassembled the main shaft of the grinding wheel, and checked the failed bearing. There was no obvious grinding failure on the front and rear bearings of the main shaft. Next, accurately measure and inspect the front journal of the spindle to see if it meets the required dimensions. After actual measurement, it is found that its size can meet the gap requirements between the spindle and the bearing, thus ensuring the precision of the equipment on the spindle components.

The journal of the main shaft has no obvious signs of death, so the journal of the main shaft has to be polished and re-checked. If there are obvious marks of death on the journal of the main shaft, the journal must be finely ground to ensure the surface of the journal The roughness. After the fine grinding, the size of the journal becomes smaller and cannot meet the clearance requirements between the main shaft and the bearing, so the journal must be repaired to meet the clearance requirements between the bearing and the main shaft, otherwise it will be seriously affected. To the normal operation of the device.

In the process of inspecting the lubricating oil circuit, the safety of the spindle must be ensured, and no collision damage should occur, and the lubricating oil circuit must be thoroughly cleaned after the inspection, especially the feedback throttle valve. After the fault is repaired, turn the grinding wheel gently with your hands. If it feels light, you can start the grinding wheel spindle; otherwise, clean the film feed system again until the requirements are met. After starting the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel should be idling. It can be used only when there is no abnormality under long-term idling. The grinding failure of the hydrostatic bearing can be completely eliminated.