Explain and answer some common questions about CNC grinders


The CNC grinding machine in the grinding machine is one […]

The CNC grinding machine in the grinding machine is one of the keywords in the website, so for us, we can not be underestimated in terms of learning attitude, and this is also one of its basic requirements. Therefore, in order to reflect the importance of this product, the following will continue to learn and understand in this regard, in order to achieve the above purpose.


1. What are the specific types of CNC grinding machines? What types of abrasives do they correspond to?


In terms of specific types, CNC grinding machines include CNC surface grinding machines, CNC centerless grinding machines, CNC internal and external cylindrical grinding machines, CNC vertical grinding machines, CNC coordinate grinding machines, and CNC forming grinding machines. The corresponding grinding tools are internal grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, compound grinding, surface grinding and grinding.


2. If the rotational speed of the CNC grinding machine is high, will the dynamic balancing requirements of the grinding wheel be relatively high? In addition, is the programming of the grinding machine the same as that of the CNC milling machine?


If the rotational speed of the CNC grinding machine is high, the requirements for the dynamic balance of the grinding wheel are relatively high and strict. Moreover, the vibration of the grinder must be small. As for the programming of this type of grinding machine, it is similar to that of CNC milling machine, except that the grinding wheel movement is different. In addition, there may be some special instructions.


3. What does taper mean in a CNC grinder?


The taper in the CNC grinding machine, specifically speaking, refers to the ratio between the diameter difference between the upper and lower base circles on the circular table and the height of the circular table. The common understanding of taper refers to the ratio between the diameter of the bottom of the cone and the height of the cone. Therefore, the above definition is based on this definition.


The above-mentioned problems are all about CNC grinding machines. At the same time, we must all know and firmly grasp, because in actual work, there may be encountered, so only this specific requirement. Moreover, this is also a very good learning opportunity for us. Therefore, we must not miss it, so as not to let us outweigh our gains.