How does the cylindrical grinder make the device grinding change


Nowadays, the reason why cylindrical grinders are so po […]

Nowadays, the reason why cylindrical grinders are so popular is that they can do high-precision and low second surface roughness, which is very rare, especially after the market of cylindrical grinders, such equipment is more popular. People's welcome, only need to set the number, no need for artificial monitoring, you can grind the device without defects, have to say that the grinding machine is really a little bit of progress.


Cylindrical grinders are grinding machines that process the outer surface and the shoulder end surface of a cylindrical, conical or other shape of the workpiece. At the same time, it is also a grinding machine that uses two top centers as the center and a grinding wheel as a tool to grind cylindrical steel parts into precise concentricity.


Technical method for adjusting guide plate of cylindrical grinder:
The adjustment of the guide plate of the cylindrical grinder can be said to be a basic skill. The adjustment of the guide plate and the adjustment of the angle are coordinated with each other. A quick adjustment method I introduce below is suitable for novices.


First, adjust the distance to the grinding wheel of the blade, then adjust the workpiece to the diameter of the guide wheel, place the workpiece between the middle guide wheel and the grinding wheel, then slowly enter the guide wheel, the guide wheel clamps the workpiece slightly, and then push it back to find the contact point . The contact point is in the middle, and I feel that the work piece is pushed forward and back loose, and the middle is a little tight.


Second, adjust the knife version. First of all, the adjustment of the workpiece placed on the workpiece is generally better than the slightly longer length of the plate. 1/3 of the workpiece is placed between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel. At this time, the workpiece cannot be squeezed, and the workpiece can smoothly advance and retreat. Wafangdian Machine Tool Use a wooden stick or something to press the workpiece on the surface of the grinding wheel so that the surface of the workpiece and the guide wheel are parallel.


Third, adjust the guide plate so that the adjustment of the guide plate is as flat as the surface of the workpiece. Observe the contact between the front and back of the guide plate and the workpiece without gaps. Especially behind, if there is a gap, it will cause swing.


Note: The position of the grinding wheel on the cylindrical grinder is slightly lower than the outside, generally around 0.03. --0.05mm, which will not cause the wheel to be scratched by the grinding wheel or hit the guide wheel.


In the process of cylindrical grinding machine, the process arrangement needs to be reasonable. In the actual production arrangement process, it needs to go through the two processing procedures of the crankshaft connecting rod neck and the spindle neck, which will make our grinding process more At the same time, it also greatly simplifies the processing procedures.


The cylindrical grinding machine can effectively achieve its higher processing accuracy when it is used. The movement process of the fixture is well designed. During the fixture processing, the tailstock is tightened, clamped, the frame is tightened, the clamping center is supported, and the rough machining center is used. Clamp the journal to complete the high-quality, high-performance grinding work.