Application of CNC Precision Grinding Machine in Mechanical Parts


Precision grinders are already widely used in machining […]

Precision grinders are already widely used in machining, and those that can only be related to precision parts are basically inseparable from precision grinders. Especially the CNC grinder in the industry breaks the international level of grinder technology for mechanical processing and creates a good new situation. With the maturity of the CNC grinding machine technology, the four-axis CNC grinding machine has gradually been successfully developed and introduced to the market.

The four-axis CNC precision grinder can be used for precision processing of hard and brittle materials such as ceramics and glass products, and the processing accuracy has been increased from the original 0.001mm to 0.0001mm, reaching a level of about 1/1000 of the diameter of a hair strand. This technology fills the technical gap of domestic grinders and breaks the blockade of international technology on my country's technology in one fell swoop.

At present, my country needs to import about 300 optical contour grinders and various multi-functional precision surface grinders each year, each of which sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars and has a machining accuracy of more than 0.0001. The international embargo is imposed on China.

This equipment also has a machine tool with functions such as rough grinding, fine grinding, grinding and polishing compound processing, and realizes the precision processing process of grinding, polishing and in-situ inspection on the same machine tool, greatly improving high-precision ceramic products, optoelectronic components, textiles Manufacturing level of machinery, mold and other industries.

Precision grinding is an effective processing method that solves a variety of high dimensional accuracy, high surface quality, and high shape accuracy, and it can greatly improve the processing efficiency of parts. For hard-to-cut materials such as ferrous metals, brittle materials, and high-hardness materials (optical glass, structural ceramics, optical crystals, glass-ceramics, semiconductors), precision grinding, polishing, and other methods must be used for processing. The machining accuracy of the workpiece mainly depends on the accuracy of the machine tool and the machining technology and method used.

The four-axis precision grinder is widely used in the fine grinding, fine grinding and inspection evaluation of hard and brittle materials (such as optical glass, ceramics, semiconductors, molds, etc.) and other difficult-to-cut materials, which can promote products to high-tech, high-precision, and high-quality , Development in the direction of high value-added, it has a wide range of applications in industries such as optoelectronic materials processing, machinery and electronics, automobiles, aerospace and mold manufacturing.