What are the requirements of CNC grinding machine for CNC system control?


Due to the unique needs of the CNC grinding machine ind […]

Due to the unique needs of the CNC grinding machine industry, machine tool manufacturers are also actively developing the mechanical part, and put forward unique control requirements for the CNC system of the grinding machine. There are:
(1) Inclined axis control: Linear and circular interpolation can also be performed when the axis is inclined.

(2) Spindle swing: In the running cycle that often occurs in grinding, the execution of the program is interrupted by external signals, and the special preparation functions such as grinding wheel cutting and grinding wheel dressing are used to compile fixed cycle programs. Not only does it allow the use of an external measuring device, but when a suitable measuring head is connected it can directly control the device for comparison with the final dimensions.

(3) Strengthen the fixed grinding method: according to the different shapes of the grinding parts, there are four different grinding methods, with the control function of the angle of the grinding wheel axis, and a complete set of grinding for rough grinding, rough grinding, fine grinding and non-spark grinding. Cycle, grinding wheel dressing compensation function, control function of the dresser relative to the normal line of the dressing wheel, and the outer edge arc radius compensation function of the dressing roller. The system resolution can be set to 0.1μm, which belongs to a compact numerical control system.

(4) The numerical control system of plane and forming grinding machine tools has flexible requirements for axis control expansion; it can control up to 9 coordinates, of which 6 coordinates can be linked, and the minimum pulse equivalent, moving equivalent and detection equivalent are all 0.1 μm. The fully closed loop method of linear position sensor [grating ruler, induction synchronizer] is also adopted.

(5) The flat grinding factory develops its own software, which is more suitable for flat grinding and profile grinding.

(6) The increasing development of technologies and processes such as linear motor and dynamic balance has greatly improved the ergonomics of the machine tool, and the development and utilization of the numerical control system by the application of suitable measurement technology. The latest modern grinding machine products have been developed into a variety of high-efficiency special grinding machines, and have the functions of inclined grinding head, continuous dressing, and inclined plunge grinding.