The characteristics of the end face cylindrical grinding machine


The end face cylindrical grinding machine is a type of […]

The end face cylindrical grinding machine is a type of cylindrical grinding machine that can grind contours on long, thin pieces. The machine uses a headstock that guides the workpiece along the rotating grinding wheel, which has a length-to-diameter ratio of over 100. A stationary table acts as a workpiece support during the grinding operation. The table can be adjusted in terms of the workpiece's distance from the grinding wheel and the measuring head.

In addition to calculating the angle of cut, a cylindrical grinding machine also allows the operator to adjust the speed and feed. These parameters are adjusted to obtain the desired surface roughness. The machine's accuracy is greatly enhanced through calibration and other process controls.

The coolant system of an end face cylindrical grinding machine is an important element for the proper grinding of end faces. The system provides coolant to the working area through a pump that delivers the fluid through the grinding motor spindle and includes a multi-chamber coolant tank. The pump's output pressure is displayed on an outside enclosure. The dual-pump system is simple to install and is easily integrated into a grinding machine's control circuit and power circuits. It also includes casters for mobility and quick-connect hose fittings for the easy connection to the grinding machine's power supply.

The proposed method of lubrication and cooling the grinding zone is advantageous because it extends the grinding wheel's life by up to five times compared to the conventional dry grinding method. It also eliminates the need for expensive liquid coolants and saves money on disposal and maintenance. Aside from that, it uses a more environmentally friendly form of lubricant.