Common sense of maintenance of CNC surface grinder


In order to effectively improve the efficiency of the C […]

In order to effectively improve the efficiency of the CNC surface grinder and prolong the service life of the CNC surface grinder, it is necessary to pay attention to the following 9 details in the daily use of the CNC surface grinder:

1. Ensure that the power supply is good and the grounding is reliable;
2. After every three or four months of work, the oil pool should be cleaned, and new filtered oil should be injected; the guide rail surface should be kept lubricated and unobstructed;

3. Regularly remove the protective plates at both ends of the workbench to check the wear condition of the body and the rail surface of the workbench; if it is abnormal wear, the body and the lubricating oil volume of the workbench should be readjusted, and the rail surface should be repaired if it is serious;
4. Regularly clean the oil filter screen of the oil pump inlet pipe of the hydraulic system; the coolant pump should be cleaned with water, fire and oil after three or four months of operation;

5. Regularly clean the coolant tank, the workbench backwater tank, and the bed drainage tank;
6. For common faults and maintenance, please refer to the maintenance table in the instruction manual;
7. The machine tool can grind rigid materials, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, and it is prohibited to grind any non-metallic materials;

8. When replacing a new grinding wheel, the allowable linear speed of the grinding wheel is not greater than 35m/s, and the taper part of the grinding wheel where the grinding wheel is installed on the spindle should be checked regularly, and there should be no bumps and abnormal phenomena;
9. At the end of the work, the surrounding environment of the surface grinder should be cleaned, and the surface grinder should be cleaned.