What is a cylindrical grinder? What are its composition types?


Cylindrical grinding machine is one of the most widely […]

Cylindrical grinding machine is one of the most widely used grinding machines. Specifically, it is a grinding machine for the outer surface and the end face of the shaft shoulder. Its application is to perform precision grinding of the end face and conical surface of shaft parts, and also to process some small batches of shaft parts with relatively high precision requirements.

1. Structure composition
The main machine of the cylindrical grinder is mainly composed of the bed, the head, the tail, the grinding head and the transmission dust collector.

2. Type
Cylindrical grinders can generally be divided into the following three categories, which are:
Ordinary cylindrical grinder: This is a general-purpose type with a roughness of Ra0.4.
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine: It is a common grinding machine with numerical control technology, so it has the advantages of high precision, good rigidity, strong adaptability and high work efficiency.
High-precision cylindrical grinder: It can improve the grinding efficiency, thereby improving the processing quality of the workpiece, and at the same time can reduce the cost.