What are the specific uses and advantages of cylindrical grinders?


The cylindrical grinder is mainly composed of a bed, a […]

The cylindrical grinder is mainly composed of a bed, a head, a tail and a grinding head. The operator can improve the use efficiency of the product through accurate installation, and prevent errors during the installation process, which will lead to errors in the use of equipment and affect the processing accuracy of the product. The performance of the equipment is related to the specific composition of the equipment and the internal devices of the equipment.

1. The use of performance advantages
There are many performance advantages of the cylindrical grinder, mainly including: the grinding wheel spindle bearing of the equipment adopts tapered forming bearings, which can better reduce the operating pressure of the equipment where it is located, and the grinding wheel spindle can also maintain high-efficiency rigidity at low speeds; the grinding wheel of the equipment The frame guide rail adopts steel guide rail, which can realize semi-automatic feeding and improve the operation efficiency of the equipment; the tailstock shafting of the equipment has the characteristics of no gap, which can realize the separation of the electrical box and other system components from the machine tool, and improve the flexibility of the equipment operation. The equipment also has the performance of automatic fault detection, which can help us improve the automatic repair ability of the equipment.

2. Specific use
The types of products suitable for the production of cylindrical grinders are the grinding of end faces, external circles and conical surfaces of shaft parts. The application of this equipment in automobile engines and other industries is also very mature, and it can also be used in military and aerospace industries.
1. In addition to being used for equipment production in heavy industry, the cylindrical grinder can also be used for the processing and production of equipment in the textile and spinning industry, thick and thin yarn frames, draw frames, combers and other equipment. Helps to produce the top roller processing of these devices, increasing the productivity of the spinning industry.
2. The cylindrical grinder can also be used for the production of office communication equipment, including the processing of rubber rollers for common office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, printers, etc.
3. The equipment can also be applied to the processing of common transmission components in printing, food and other industries, which facilitates the work of these industries and improves work efficiency.