CNC Crankshaft Grinding Machine is a sophisticated type of grinding machine


CNC Crankshaft Grinding Machine is a sophisticated type […]

CNC Crankshaft Grinding Machine is a sophisticated type of grinding machine with the ability to grind crankshaft with high precision. It is similar to cylindrical grinding except that a special fixture is required for each crankshaft. In addition, the process requires long auxiliary hours and is not accurate enough.

A CNC crankshaft grinding machine is equipped with a single or double orthogonal carriage, which houses stationary turrets and is made of cast iron. Its recirculating preloaded roller guideways ensure flatness and linearity of carriage positions. The carriages also have different types of spindles, which can be used for different purposes. After the work is complete, the workpiece motor and the hydraulic oil pump must be closed and the power supply must be disconnected.

A CNC Crankshaft Grinding Machine is easy to use and has high precision. It can be operated manually or automatically. Moreover, it is equipped with a one-time clamping system for accurate batch processing of crankshaft components. The machine also comes with an in-process measuring gauge to ensure accurate results.

The study of chatter mechanisms can predict critical grinding depth and chatter boundaries. Moreover, it can also predict the stability of crankshaft grinding. It is essential to consider the grinding wheel's regenerative chatter as it is easily worn out. Although the theoretical analysis is valid, it needs experimentation to validate its accuracy.

CNC Tangential Point Tracing grinding is an advanced method for crankshaft grinding. This technique can grind the main journals of crankshafts in a single clamping operation. This technique reduces chatter and improves accuracy. It is also known as 'Chasing the pin', which is also called Oscillate grinding.