What types of CNC machine tools are usually divided into?


1. Classified according to the performance of CNC machi […]

1. Classified according to the performance of CNC machine tools Economical CNC machine tools; Mid-range CNC machine tools; CNC machine tools;

2. Classified according to process use. Metal cutting CNC machine tools, including CNC lathes, CNC drilling machines, CNC milling machines, CNC grinders, CNC boring machines and machining centers. These machine tools are suitable for single-piece, small-batch and multi-variety and parts processing, with good processing size consistency, high productivity and automation, and high equipment flexibility. Metal forming CNC machine tools; this type of machine tools include CNC bending machines, CNC combination punches, CNC pipe bending machines, CNC rotary head presses, etc. CNC special processing machine tools; such machine tools include CNC wire (electrode) cutting machine tools, CNC EDM machine tools, CNC flame cutting machines, CNC laser cutting machine tools, special combined machine tools, etc. Other types of numerical control equipment; non-processing equipment adopts numerical control technology, such as automatic assembly machines, multi-coordinate measuring machines, automatic plotters and industrial robots.

3. Classification according to movement mode. Point control; the feature of point control CNC machine tools is that the moving parts of the machine tool can only move from one position to another, without any processing procedures during the movement and positioning. Such as numerical control drilling machine, numerical control boring machine, numerical control welding machine and numerical control pipe bending machine, etc. Linear control; the characteristic of point-position linear control is that the moving parts of the machine tool must not only realize the movement and positioning from one coordinate position to another, but also realize the linear feed motion parallel to the coordinate axis or control the two coordinate axes to realize the oblique line Feed movement. Contour control: The characteristic of contour control CNC machine tools is that the moving parts of the machine tool can realize simultaneous linkage control of two coordinate axes. It not only requires the control of the start and end coordinates of the moving parts of the machine tool, but also the speed and displacement of each point in the entire processing process, that is, it requires the control of the motion trajectory, and the parts are processed into a straight line, a curve in the plane or a curved surface in space. .

4. Classified by control mode Open loop control; that is, the control mode without position feedback device. Semi-closed-loop control; refers to the angular displacement detection device installed on the open-loop control servo motor shaft, which indirectly detects the displacement of the moving parts by detecting the rotation angle of the servo motor and feeds it back to the comparator of the numerical control device, and compares it with the input command. The value controls the moving part. Closed-loop control; it is a direct linear or rotary detection device at the corresponding position of the final moving part of the machine tool, and the directly measured displacement or angular displacement value is fed back to the comparator of the numerical control device for comparison with the input command displacement. The value controls the moving parts, so that the moving parts move strictly according to the actual required displacement.