What is the working principle of CNC internal grinder?


Grinding machine equipment is one of the most commonly […]

Grinding machine equipment is one of the most commonly used tools in modern industry. Large-scale grinder tools can improve the efficiency and accuracy of industrial production and are an industrial production tool that users cannot lack. Grinding machine products are divided into many different types, and the types of services that each different type of grinding machine can provide are also different. The internal grinder is also a common industrial grinder. It is also used to improve the production quality of processed workpieces. In terms of use, it focuses on the processing of cylindrical, conical or other shapes of the inner hole surface and its end surface. product. The internal grinder is more difficult to operate, and we must thoroughly understand the precautions for the use of the equipment before use.

The main content of the CNC internal grinder, including the method used and the product type that the equipment mainly processes. Today we will explain its main purpose, the operating procedures of the automatic internal grinder and the precautions for use. The internal grinder is relatively difficult to use, and we must pay attention to some difficulties in operation. The operator must be slow when entering the tool for the first time to prevent accidents caused by too low sensitivity of the equipment; when measuring the workpiece with a plug gauge or instrument, the grinding wheel must exit the workpiece and stop steadily to prevent the grinding wheel from suddenly running automatically. Use a plug gauge to measure the workpiece. When pulling out the plug gauge, be sure to be stable, so as not to affect the accuracy of the measurement. When replacing the grinding wheel or correcting the grinding wheel, follow the general safety regulations of the miller to improve the safety of use.

CNC internal grinding machines can be divided into ordinary internal grinding machines and universal internal grinding machines. Ordinary grinders are widely used because they have been put on the market for a long time and are used by more users. Ordinary internal grinders are more cost-effective and reasonably priced. The universal internal grinder has a very wide range of applications. On the basis of ordinary internal grinders, it can grind the inner cylindrical surface of various shaft and sleeve workpieces. The application range of universal grinders is still being further expanded. I believe that in the future there will be more occasions to use this equipment.