What are the types and applications of surface grinders?


Combined Grinding and Milling Machines The combination […]

Combined Grinding and Milling Machines
The combination of grinding and milling capabilities is a highly versatile tool for industrial manufacturers. Despite the varying applications, this equipment largely relies on established technology. Milling machines have toolholders similar to those found in machining centers. They can carry a large number of milling and drilling tools in their tool magazine. While it's true that milling operations require a different mindset than grinding, this machine can handle this type of work with ease.

Surface grinder
Combined grinding machines are a popular choice for professionals who require precision finishing and need to cut multiple materials in one operation. These machines are equipped with various abrasives, grits, bonding mechanisms, and sizes to handle a variety of materials.

A Combined grinding machine for surface grinder may be used to cut and shape several types of materials, such as stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. The material can be very hard and may require some form of workholding to prevent it from falling. However, it is advisable to select a machine with an adequate level of lubrication for a particular job. A good combination of coolants will ensure your workpieces' durability.

Horizontal spindle surface grinder
A horizontal spindle surface grinder combines the benefits of a rotary and a surface grinding machine. Both of these machines use the same grinding wheels for both cross-feeding and running the table. These types of grinders are usually made of cast iron and feature an outstanding structural design.

The horizontal spindle surface grinder has a dead center in the tailstock spindle, which eliminates errors caused by the spindle bearing wearing. The machine can also set up workpieces in a chuck or between centers to grind conical shapes. It can handle a wide range of materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, and titanium. The horizontal spindle surface grinder is one of the most versatile grinding machines.

Centerless grinder
Compared to a conventional cylindrical grinder, a combined grinding machine with centerless grinder is faster and more productive, especially for small workpieces. It requires intuition and a skilled operator to optimize the process, making it more popular in high-volume applications. However, it is not ideal for small-batch production.