What are the specific functional classifications of cylindrical grinders?


Cylindrical grinder is a relatively common grinder prod […]

Cylindrical grinder is a relatively common grinder product, and we can often see the application of this equipment in industrial production. Cylindrical grinders are divided into different types according to the operation of the grinding wheel: plunge grinders, end grinders and universal cylindrical grinders. These three cylindrical grinders help users improve the processing efficiency of products and help us to better process products. The workpieces produced in the factory usually have some shortcomings. We can use grinder equipment to help them "beauty" and improve the processing efficiency of the equipment. For the device, the smoothness of the outer surface is very important. Only when the surface is smooth can the sales rate of the product be improved. Therefore, people will use cylindrical grinders to give the device a smooth outer surface, which is equivalent to a "beauty" treatment on the equipment.

Cylindrical grinders can be divided into three basic types of grinders, and the range of products suitable for the production of these three grinders is different. Plunge cylindrical grinders are generally suitable for products with smaller flat diameters for horizontal grinding. Improve the surface smoothness of parts. Compared with the other two kinds of grinding machines, this kind of cylindrical grinder is more common and common, and the price is relatively reasonable. The external and internal grinders are similar in processing principles, except that one is used to treat the outer surface of the product, and the other is used to treat the inner surface of the object. Compared with internal cylindrical grinders that require circular motion, the use of external cylindrical grinders can save more effort.

The end-face cylindrical grinder can generally smooth the outer surface of the device and the edges and corners of the entire device, which is suitable for the surface processing of the conical product. Using this grinder for batch grinding can save time. Universal cylindrical grinders are generally more suitable for grinding high-precision parts, improving the grinding quality of parts, and are suitable for the production of various types of products.

In fact, compared to internal cylindrical grinders, external cylindrical grinders can grind smoothly more quickly, and are suitable for polishing various product surfaces. These two kinds of grinders are generally suitable for the grinding of large devices, and their combined use can improve the grinding efficiency of the product.