What are the operating precautions and types of cylindrical grinders?


Cylindrical grinders are mostly used to process some cy […]

Cylindrical grinders are mostly used to process some cylindrical or circular parts to improve the appearance quality of these parts and improve the final production quality of the parts. Cylindrical grinders are only one type of product in all grinders, and the types of products that can be produced are very limited, but the equipment is very specific, which can help users improve the production quality of the equipment.

There is still a lot we need to know about cylindrical grinders. Only after learning the introduction of the types of grinders can you know which product type you need, and can help you spend the least money to get the most benefits. The type of cylindrical grinder is also very important to the user. If the precautions of the grinder are not paid attention to, the production efficiency of the equipment will decrease, which will hinder the user's production plan.

There are many types of cylindrical grinders, mainly including ordinary, that is, general-purpose cylindrical grinders, which can process products with roughness up to Ra0.4, and there are also many models. The price of this type of grinder is reasonable, and the accuracy of the product produced is also guaranteed. It is a relatively cost-effective equipment. There is also a kind of grinding machine equipment that is numerically controlled. This kind of equipment first changes the program, and then the system sends instructions to the grinding machine equipment to perform processing operations. The characteristics of this type of grinding machine are high precision, high rigidity, and high efficiency. Kind of production environment. Finally, there is a high-precision cylindrical grinder. Compared with the ordinary type, it can improve the grinding efficiency and processing quality. The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, and some users cannot purchase this equipment in large quantities.

After understanding the main classification of grinder equipment, you must be able to use the equipment correctly. The operator should wear protective equipment in accordance with the regulations before using the equipment normally; monitor the hydraulic system and other operating systems of the machine tool in advance. Operators should also do protection insurance and lubrication to improve the operating efficiency of the equipment; do a good job of detecting the suction cup of the equipment to determine whether the workpiece is sucked firmly to prevent the flying of the workpiece from hurting the staff.