What are the functions and operating procedures of the shaft grinder?


The crankshaft grinder is mainly used to grind the cran […]

The crankshaft grinder is mainly used to grind the crank neck and main journal of the crankshaft of the engine. It is also a kind of wear-through. Correspondingly, there are also operating procedures.

1. The relevant operators should be very familiar with and understand this kind of grinder to avoid damage to the equipment by blind operation.
2. Before starting the machine, the grinder should perform some necessary inspections, whether the handle and the stroke stopper are intact and reliable, and whether the tightening stroke switch is tight.

3. Before using the equipment, perform necessary lubrication work to ensure the service life.
4. Check the pressure of the hydraulic system and lubrication system to see if they meet the specified requirements. Rotate the grinding wheel shaft by hand to check whether it can rotate freely.

5. The worktable in the grinder should reciprocate for 15 to 20 minutes in order to discharge the air in the cylinder, and then adjust the stroke and speed.
6. The tightness of the workpiece shaft belt should be checked regularly, and should be adjusted in time if it is not suitable.