What are the content applications and characteristics of CNC internal grinders?


CNC internal grinder, it is a kind of more commonly use […]

CNC internal grinder, it is a kind of more commonly used grinder, and it can not be ignored, because more importantly, it is also related to website products, so it has to be explained. So, since there is no relevant content in this area, the editor will start from the most basic, and then go deeper and expand later, so that you can master it step by step.

CNC internal grinders are generally used to grind some large parts, mainly to grind the inner holes and end faces, and the parts can be gear parts, as well as bearing ring parts, etc. Because it is numerically controlled, it can meet the processing needs of a variety of parts.

The main features of CNC internal grinder are:
(1) It can realize one-time clamping to realize the grinding of inner holes, end faces and multi-stage holes.
(2) The guide rail is of high precision and has good vibration resistance.
(3) The workpiece speed can realize AC frequency conversion and stepless speed regulation.
(4) The lubrication part adopts automatic lubrication, so it can save a certain amount of lubrication work.
(5) There is a sealed cover on the machine, so it can play a good protective role.