What applications are the versatility of CNC cylindrical grinders suitable for?


CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines can grind a variety o […]

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines can grind a variety of components. These machines have multiple axis capabilities that allow for complex machining. The tool and work piece must be able to move in various directions in order for the machine to be successful. Typically, CNC lathes have three axis capability. This means that a CNC cylindrical grinder can handle parts of any complexity. This versatility is ideal for a variety of applications, including medical, automotive, and industrial.

The turret head of CNC cylindrical grinding machines is a specialized part of a machine that allows multiple machining tools to be mounted in one unit. It rotates and positions the tool to the desired location on the workpiece, and is driven by the main spindle head. A CNC cylindrical grinding machine can have multiple turret heads and can also incorporate a power turret.

CNC cylindrical grinding machines and CNC turning centers have a unique feature: automation. This automation can be seen in the machining process and the change of machining tools. Unlike conventional machining processes, CNC automation allows the machine to change the machining tool automatically. Another unique feature of this type of machine is the use of a power turret that provides an even smoother machining experience.

CNC cylindrical grinding machines use a variety of coolant nozzles to maintain the correct wheel temperature and reduce tool wear. Direct cooling also prevents quenching of hot workpieces. Additionally, they reduce pumping energy. The nozzles also feature a larger distance between the nozzle and the wheel, which makes aiming more accurate.

CNC nozzles are designed to fit the workpiece. In many cases, these nozzles are customized to fit the customer's workpiece and grinding wheel. This allows the coolant to act in the most precise way possible, preventing any thermal damage to the workpiece. The nozzles are made of stainless steel or titanium and are available from stock.