The fundamental driving force for the development of hydraulic centerless grinder


With the continuous advancement of computer technology, […]

With the continuous advancement of computer technology, major countries in the world are aware of the supporting position of centerless grinders for the entire industry. Especially in response to the international financial crisis, they have adjusted their industrial policies for centerless grinders and are competing to develop high-end centerless grinders to promote industrial and The development of the national economy.

While the international competition is intensifying, the demand for centerless grinders in my country has always maintained a strong state. "Since 2000, driven by huge market demand, domestic centerless grinders have grown at an average annual rate of 30%. Since 2003, China has become the world’s largest consumer of machine tools for 7 consecutive years, and is currently the world’s largest centerless grinder. Importing countries." At present, my country is in the peak period of equipment upgrading and the critical period of industrial upgrading. The demand for centerless grinders, especially high-end centerless grinders, will continue to grow at a high level of over 30%, and this growth rate is expected to continue. 35 years.

At present, most companies in the machine tool industry rely on lowering product prices to obtain the market. The consequences are "low product prices, low added value, low profits, and companies do not have enough funds for sustainable development." With the development of the industry and competition Upgrading, improving the technical content of products, owning independent patents, designs, and focusing on brand building and marketing is the best choice for long-term development of an enterprise. The development of my country's machine tool industry needs to be guided by market demand, based on the development of centerless grinders, the main engine as the leader, and complete supporting facilities, and strive to realize the early realization of centerless grinder products from low-end to high-end, from primary product processing to high-precision product manufacturing Change.