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Grinding machine is a machine tool that uses abrasive t […]

Grinding machine is a machine tool that uses abrasive tools (grinding wheels, abrasive belts, oil stones and abrasives) as tools for cutting. It is widely used in the finishing of parts, especially hardened steel parts, special materials with high hardness and non-metallic materials (such as Ceramic) finishing.


There are many types of grinders, the main types are: cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, surface grinders, tool grinders, tool and cutting tool grinders and various specialized grinders. In addition there are honing machines, grinding machines and super-finishing machine tools.


1. Cylindrical grinder: It is mainly used to grind the inner and outer cylindrical and conical surfaces, and can also grind the shoulder and end surface of the stepped shaft.It can obtain IT6-IT7 and accuracy Ra between 1.25-0.08μm. Main parameters: Large grinding diameter


2. Centerless cylindrical grinder: The workpiece is placed between the grinding wheel and the guide rail, supported by the pallet for grinding.


Compared with cylindrical grinding machines, centerless cylindrical grinding machines have the following advantages:


1.High productivity (no need to make the center empty, and time-saving clamping), so it is mostly used for batch production and mass production


2. Dimensional accuracy of grinding surface, geometric shape accuracy is high, Ra is small


3.Can be equipped with automatic feeding mechanism to realize automatic production


Three, internal grinder: used for grinding cylindrical holes and conical holes, the main parameter is the diameter of the grinding inner hole


Fourth, surface grinder: divided into horizontal axis rectangular table grinder (lower productivity, but higher processing accuracy, Ra is smaller, belongs to peripheral grinding), vertical axis rectangular table grinder, vertical axis round table grinder (high productivity, but processing accuracy Low, large Ra, which belongs to end grinding), horizontal axis round table grinder.