How to maintain the crankshaft grinder?


1. Maintenance of electrical equipment (1) The electric […]

1. Maintenance of electrical equipment
(1) The electrical equipment should be kept clean and free of dust, oil, water, etc., so as not to damage it.
(2) The bearings should be cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure that they are in good condition.
(3) Its electrical appliances should maintain good insulation. In the humid season, dehumidification should be done frequently to prevent it from being damaged by moisture.
(4) The equipment should be well grounded, and the sensitivity of each contact and interlocking device should be checked weekly.

2. Maintenance of the grinding wheel
(1) The linear speed of the grinding wheel cannot be changed at will, and it cannot be damp or frozen.
(2) The end face between the grinding wheel and the pressure plate must be cushioned with asbestos rubber sheet.
(3) When the grinding wheel is stored, its ambient temperature cannot be lower than 5℃, but it cannot be too high.