Explain the performance of the three major grinder types in detail


There are many types of grinders, and each type of grin […]

There are many types of grinders, and each type of grinder has its own application field, helping modern industry to handle many product processing tasks. The grinder has become one of the most indispensable tools in modern industry. We can use different grinder tools to process products of different shapes, and manufacturers can choose their own grinder products according to their own conditions. So what are the advantages of different grinder products and their production characteristics?

1. Cylindrical grinder
Grinding machines have the most variety among all types of metal cutting machine tools. Cylindrical grinders are one of the most important grinder products. Cylindrical grinders are the most widely used among many grinder products, and can process a variety of cylindrical and conical outer surfaces and end faces of shaft shoulders. However, the degree of automation of the cylindrical grinder is relatively low, and it is only suitable for small and medium batches of single-piece production and repair work. If the products produced by the manufacturer are small and medium-sized products, you can use a cylindrical grinder to operate.

2. Internal grinder
The internal cylindrical grinder and the external cylindrical grinder produced by the grinding machine company have the same performance and are suitable for single-piece, small-batch production. The automatic and semi-automatic internal grinders can not only perform the work cycle automatically, but also automatically measure during processing, which is suitable for mass production. Manufacturers can use internal grinders for automated production, which improves their production efficiency.

3. Surface grinder
Surface grinders produced by grinder companies are generally suitable for mass production. The workpiece is generally clamped on the worktable, or fixed on the electromagnetic worktable by electromagnetic suction, and the product is ground with the periphery of the grinding wheel. This kind of grinder has high production efficiency, is easy to realize automation, and is mostly used in mass production. If the manufacturer's production volume is large, you can use this grinder to help you improve production efficiency.

4. Tool grinder
Tool grinders are grinders specially used for tool manufacturing and tool sharpening. There are many types of tool grinders, including universal tool grinders, drill sharpening grinders and other CNC tool grinders. They are mostly used in tool manufacturers and machinery manufacturers. Tool workshop. Tool grinders are also one of the most commonly used grinder types in modern workshops.